Bed Bugs Spreading resistant Super Bacteria MRSA


There has been a major increase in bed bug incidence in North America and Europe in recent years and aside from being an extreme nuisance and the destroyer of property and sanity of many lives, now bed bugs carrying two types of drug-resistant bacteria have been found by Canadian researchers. The bed …

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How A Microbe Became A Living Supplement For A Tiny Vampire


Bedbugs have been sucking our blood for millennia and after a brief retreat following World War II, they are back and more numerous than ever. Infestations are rising, hotels are worried, and people are very, very itchy. But the bedbug isn’t solely responsible for its success. It has an accomplice. …

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Bed bugs prevalent but not well-monitored


Other than noting when it gets calls about infestations, the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department doesn’t track or record bed bug infestations in the county. They’re not considered a public health risk, so bed bugs are not in the same category as rats, cockroaches or mosquitoes, Public Sanitarian Matt Hemmer said. …

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